Retail Manager - Cura

The Retail Manager is responsible for the supervision of all retail locations conducive to growth, innovation and excellence in customer service for all staff and visitors. Coordinates the smooth execution of all retail services by serving as the principal contact, manager, and cost control and collection agent. Responsible for department cash handling and verification of all retail sales and proper reporting for all interested parties.
Client, Patient and Guest Relations
Visits all venues frequently throughout each day to assess service and customer satisfaction levels. Evaluates customer suggestions and implements changes as needed.
Builds and maintains excellent customer relations by greeting administrators and customers by name when possible. Listens and acts on requests.
Develops and offers special theme meals.
Continuously measures customer satisfaction and quality outcomes and works to improve those outcomes.
Develops and maintains good working relationships with all staff members.
Serves on multidisciplinary teams as assigned and participates in any required in-service programs.
Financial Results
Maintains all costs for services provided within budget which includes recording daily meal counts as required, developing daily and weekly sales and cost reports, and reviews financial performance at least monthly with the General Manager.
Ensures that all cash handling procedures are followed consistently.
Ensures cash deposits are made accurately and consistently as scheduled.
Monitors cash flow on daily and weekly basis.
Operational Execution
Manages and monitors retail processes as directed by the General Manager. Makes any necessary changes to meet customer needs, improve efficiency, capitalize on revenue opportunities and increase satisfaction.
Develops programs and menus for retail services. Ensures signage is professional and accurate at all times.
Enforces safety standards with team members. Ensures safety problems are corrected to prevent staff injuries.
Ensures sanitation standards are enforced. Implements routine cleaning procedures for all areas of responsibility.
Works weekends, and other shifts as assigned to ensure the delivery of high quality service at all service periods.
Human Resource Practices
Directs and trains staff for excellence in the service aspects of the retail venues.
Institutes programs for orientation and training of staff to ensure job competence and adherence to service standards.
Adheres to the human resource policies and procedures of the facility. Treats team members with fairness and respect.
Completes all hiring performance reviews and discipline of staff.
Communicates to staff regularly both formally and informally. Conducts team meetings frequently to ensure staff awareness.
Serves as a role model for team members by maintaining standards for appearance, dress, attendance and professional behavior.
Two or more years progressive work experience in food service management or retail services required.
Associates Degree in Hospitality or related field preferred or equivalent related job experience.
Ability to verify cash handling and reporting.
Strong planning and organizing skills to consistently meet deadlines.
Strong leadership, communication and team management skills.
Proficient in Microsoft software programs.
Physical Demands and Working Conditions:
Lifting objects up to 30 lbs.
Bending, reaching and grasping.
Walking short distances.
Exposure to high noise levels.
Exposure to high heat and humidity levels.
Job Hazards include:
Burns, cuts, slips, falls and back sprains.
Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Minorities/Women/Individual with Disabilities/Protected Veteran Employer

Don't Be Fooled

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