Lymphedema Therapist

Master's degree
Valid licensure required
Previous experience required
Position Summary:
Performs medically prescribed quality physical therapy treatment to restore function and prevent disability for the adolescent, adult and geriatric population as determined by medical direction, therapist judgment, patient needs and desires, and available facilities. Also performs specific administrative duties for the particular location and as described in the additional duties section.
Recruitment requirements:
1. Provides documentation of completion of a Bachelor/Master's Degree program from an accredited college program for physical therapy, which has been approved by the APTA and leads to a degree in physical therapy.
2. Possesses a PA license in Physical Therapy and meets State statutory regulations where applicable.
3. 3 to 5 years of clinical experience and Lymphedema Certification.
4. Ability to effectively communicate and present self to people in a courteous, tactful, poised, and professional manner.

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